Birra Moretti Filtrata a Freddo

Birra Moretti Filtrata a Freddo

The Birra Moretti Filtrata a Freddo is a refreshing lager ideal for the sunny days ahead. The clear amber colour combined with its fine, aromatic and extremely refreshing taste give it a unique personality. The processing of this beer is also unique due to the cold fermentation process. We tasted it over a very delicious mac and cheese by EAT and it was truly a match made in heaven.

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Thanks to a unique cold filtration process, the beer is brought down to a temperature of -1 ° C, the result is an easy-to-drink beer, with a balanced degree of bitterness and intensely thirst-quenching.

About Birra Moretti Filtrata a Freddo

Colour: Brilliant straw yellow
Alcohol by volume: 4.3%
Palate and aroma: Fresh, thirst-quenching, balanced, with a pleasant bitterness. Elegant fruity note and white flowers

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About cold filtering process

Cold filtration can be used to remove the tiny yeast particles and stop the fermentation process of beer. In contrast to heated pasteurization, cold filtering may not necessarily result in a superior beer, although it does improve clarity and maintain more of the beer’s original flavor. The amount of time it takes to brew a batch of beer is likewise reduced, resulting in increased productivity. Unfortunately, cold filtering is a delicate procedure, and it is possible to over filter the beer, resulting in the loss of important flavors, colors, and textures that make beer unique.

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About Birra Moretti (

Luigi Moretti’s “beer and ice factory” was founded more than a century ago in Udine, Italy in the Friuli region during the unification of Italy. One day, in 1942, the nephew of Luigi Moretti, the founder of the brewery, saw a pleasant-looking man sitting at a table in the “Trattoria Boschetti” near Udine. There was something unique in that man. He embodied the real values of his beer: authenticity, tradition, genuineness. Eventually Mr. Moretti went up to him and asked if he could take a picture of him. When the man was asked what he wanted in return, the only thing he asked for was another Moretti beer. Since that day the image of that man is on every single Moretti label, reminding us where we come from and who we brew our beer for.

Today Birra Moretti is exported to over 50 markets including the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania, the United States, Canada and Japan, and has won many international awards on the way. In 2006 Birra Moretti was the only Italian brand to be awarded both gold and silver medals at the World Beer Cup, the most important international competition in the industry. Birra Moretti also won five medals at the Australian International Beer Awards, confirming its status as a globally loved, world class beer. 

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