Brussels Beer Project Dark Sister

Brussels Beer Project Dark Sister

Today we present the first beer from Brussels Beer Project in our exclusive back-to-back sessions featuring beers from Lord Chambray and Brussels Beer Project. The Dark Sister is a black belgian IPA and is available from Popp online store. This beer is a fusion of Delta IPA, which we will review in the next BBP session and a variety of roasted and toasted malts to produce a dark beer.

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Colour: Black
Alcohol by volume: 6.66%
Character, taste and aroma: Built around a bitterness that is both racy and aromatic, this Dark Sister will delight any IPA lover. The Dark Sister presents a particularly sharp bitterness, since the sugar is carefully dosed, allowing this expression. Brewed from Challenger, Smaragd and Citra, this beer has more beautiful aromas of exotic fruits, oranges and herbs with a hint of pepper. The roasted aromas remain very light with a discreet chocolate aroma as well. In glass, it is a total black that is presented to us topped by an abundant brown foam. The nose is pleasant on the fruits of passion, orange, herbs and a very light chocolate. It sends from the attack, on a racy bitterness and a pepper that appears. The second mouth is smoother with good complexity. Alcohol, at 6.66%, supports the aromas well. The end of the palate is rock’n roll to perfection..

Brussels Beer Project Dark Sister
About Brussels Beer Project (Brussels Beer Project)

The story of Brussels Beer Project is some years -not centuries- old. The project was born in 2013 by the action of two beer enthusiasts, Olivier & Sébastien whereby they preferred the cosmopolitan, contemporary and vibrance of Brussels rather than an abbey. The mission of BBP is simple, wake Belgian beer up, dust it and get it out of middle-ages. Over the years they have created more than 40 different beers each year, collaborating with breweries from all around the world.

In the next session we will look at Beer Project’s Delta IPA. In the meantime, see more of our reviews in our Wines, Spirits & Beers section.