Brussels Beer Project Delta IPA

Brussels Beer Project Delta IPA

Today we present another beer from the Brussels Beer Project lineup – Delta IPA. This beer is not your average Belgian beer, thanks to its aromatic hops which brings notes of lychee and passionfruit before surprising you with a frank and indefinite thirst-quenching bitterness. The Saison yeast adds its Belgian touch with a spicy and dry touch. This IPA is the first beer ever produced by Brussels Beer Project. It was launched in 2013 when IPAs were still unknown in Belgium. I highly recommend you to discover the exotic tastes of Brussels, so get your own pack from Popp’s online store.

The guys at Brussels Beer Project even produced a series of episodes for those who want to brew their own Delta at home. Below is the link for the first episode. If you brew some, please do let us know, we are always ready to enjoy some homemade craft beer!

Youtube episodes to brew your own Delta IPA (Brussels Beer Project)
About Brussells Beer Project Delta IPA (

Colour: Dark gold
Alcohol by volume: 6%
Character, taste and aroma: The taste is malty, honey, slightly caramel, higher bitterness with herbal hop tones and citrus tones (grapefruit, lemon peel). The aftertaste is a long honey, citrus and herbal, slightly adhering hop bitterness. On the other hand, the aroma is beautifully fresh, floral, hop, herbal, citrus, honey, slightly tropical fruit.

Brussels Beer Project Delta IPA

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