Liefmans Goudenband

Liefmans Goudenband

It’s difficult to find another beer that compares to Liefmans Goudenband. To reach optimal maturity, this ale is fermented over 4 to 12 months. After that, it may be consumed immediately or let to mature for up to ten years. This beer is easily identified upon opening and pouring the bottle because of its distinct reddish-brown color. The aromas are an amazing symphony of fruits on the nose, which is verified on the tongue. Caramel, apple, rhubarb, and cherry are blended with caramelized malt to create a slightly sour brew with fruity finish, elevating this artisan beer to new heights. No wonder this beer holds 97% and 93% rating on rate beer and beer advocate, respectively. Highly recommended for all beer lovers!

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About Liefmans Goudenband (

Colour: Reddish-brown
Alcohol by volume: 8%
Flavor: Dry, light caramelized malt taste, enriched with notes of fruit, and hints of nuts and raisins.

Liefmans Goudenband
Professional review by Beer Connoisseur

The nose picks up a cornucopia of caramel, sour cherries, passion fruit and fig jam with traces of dark malts, cocoa nibs and balsamic vinegar. This deep brown ale boasts ruddy red hues and soft, tan foam that leaves attractive lacing on the glass. A vibrant, moderately sour flavor profile comes across as refreshing — yet complex — with layers of fruit esters giving way to a lactic/acetic acid finish. Hops are almost unnoticeable, with bold tastes of figs, sherry, prunes, dates, blackberries, blood oranges, wine barrel, kiwi and passion fruit. The refreshing, acidic backbone of this well-aged, medium-bodied ale is balanced by sweet, dark, biscuity malts and complex esters, which produce a charming, sweet and sour conclusion.

About Liefmans brewery (

The rich history of Liefmans Brewery dates back to 1679. Around 1750 brewer Jacobus Liefmans selected these fertile soils of Oudenaarde, where the banks of the river Scheldt provide natural nourishment for unique Liefmans beers. Liefmans flourished thanks to the talents of master brewer Rosa Merckx. As the first – and for many years also the only – female master brewer, she added finesse and gusto to the Belgian beer culture for 46 years. We can still enjoy the taste of that passion today.

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