Lord Chambray Wild Fennel

Lord Chambray Wild Fennel

The first beer we will be reviewing in our exclusive back-to-back sessions featuring beers from Lord Chambray and Beer Project, is Lord Chambray Wild Fennel brown ale. I had the pleasure to first drink this beer directly at the brewery during a brewery tour and beer tasting event, last Summer. The palate of this is very particular beer since you can hint fennel… something not much common in beer. In my opinion, this type of craft beer is to be enjoyed whenever you want to immerse yourself in a drinking experience. Grab a bottle or a case from Popp, taste it and let us know what you think.

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About Lord Chambray Wild Fennel (Lord Chambray)

Colour: Brown
Alcohol by volume: 5.9%
Character, taste and aroma: Wild Fennel Brown Ale is a unique take on the style, brewed with a subtle addition of peat malt and wild fennel seeds harvested in Gozo. Brown ale is an old-fashioned British beer that we rejuvenated and made unique with the addition of local wild fennel seeds. Deep brown in colour with bright ruby hues, this is a malt-forward beer that’s extremely round and smooth. The fennel seed aroma is bright and distinct but also delicate; never prevailing.

Lord Chambray Wild Fennel
About Lord Chambray brewery (Lord Chambray)

Lord Chambray is a young and dynamic craft brewery based in the wonderful island of Gozo, Malta. It was founded in 2014 by the D’Imperio family, who first visited the archipelago in the late 90s and immediately fell in love with the ruggedness of the landscape, the rich history and the exhilarating local culture. Proudly independent since the beginning, Lord Chambray is the very first craft brewery in the country and focuses almost exclusively on the domestic market. Through the use of the best brewing ingredients and meticulous quality control, we make characterful beers that stand out for balance, finesse and drinkability. The craft beers are inspired by the natural beauty of our land, the multicultural and community-minded local people, and a conscious approach to living.

In the next session we will look at Brussels Beer Project’s Dark Sister. In the meantime, see more of our reviews in our Wines, Spirits & Beers section.