Stretta IPA

Stretta IPA

Today we present Stretta Indian Pale, which bears the same name of the brewery itself, Stretta Craft brewery. It has been rated as number 1 in Malta on, so you know we have a high quality beer in our hands. However, don’t take our word and see for yourself. Grab your bottle either from Stretta’s online shop, Elia’s catering or from Beer Head, the craft beer bottle shop.

About Stretta Indian Pale Ale (Stretta Craft beer)

Colour: Deep amber
Alcohol by volume: 6.3%
Beer type: IPA
Character, taste and aroma: This IPA has a crisp, bright & hoppy taste with medium bitterness and strong citrus and floral aroma.

Stretta IPA
Stretta IPA (Image Source: Stretta)

The guys at Stretta have made a series of episodes which will surely be enjoyed by beer lovers and can be accessed from their facebook page herein.

Stretta IPA
Stretta IPA (Image Source: Elia)

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