Grappa Poli Cleopatra Amarone Oro 

Grappa Poli Cleopatra Amarone Oro 

The Poli Cleopatra Amarone Oro grappa is made from grape marc of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. These grapes are used to produce the Amarone della Valpolicella. This grappa is refined in wooden barrels and has an exquisite tasting notes of dry fruit as well as vanilla and cocoa spices. Using Crysopea, a revolutionary double boiler vacuum still, the grape marc is distilled at discontinuous cycle and diluted with water. Thereafter it is filtered and aged for eleven months in French oak barrels. This grappa has a 4.3 rating in Vivino and is considered among top 2% of all wines in the world. The price-to-quality ratio is excellent at roughly EUR40 ($45). For best price guarantee check our price comparison page.

From the producer (Poli):

Production zone

Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara

Cleopatra Amarone Oro features the scents of dry fruits, sweet spices and toasted wood, and reveals a full and sincere flavour. 

Alcohol by volume

Ideally served at 18/20 °C

Cleopatra Amarone Oro
About Poli Distillerie (

The Poli distillery, founded in Schiavon in 1898 and owned by the Poli family, produces grappa using an alembic completely copper, among the very few still existing, composed of steam boilers with a discontinuous cycle and is one of the major producers of artisan grappa in the Vicenza area .

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