Peaky Blinder Blended Irish Whiskey

Peaky Blinder Blended Irish Whiskey

Inspired by the world’s famous TV series, Sadler’s presents the Peaky Blinder Blended Irish Whiskey collection. Despite its small batch production, this Irish whiskey is triple-distilled and has a fruity and spicy flavor profile. Sadler’s Peaky Blinder will surely not disappoint!

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About this whiskey (Pat’s Irish Whiskey)

Whiskey Type: Blended Irish whiskey

Alcohol by volume: 40%

Nose: Blackcurrant and apple, with a hint of toffee underneath.

Palate: Melted chocolate, apricots and dried peels.

Finish: A subtle hint of cinnamon sticks around on the finish.

Introduction to this whiskey (MasterofMalt)

This is an Irish whiskey that has enjoyed a finishing period in Sherry casks before being bottled as part of the Peaky Blinder range from Sadler’s. The name comes from a street gang that was around in the late 19th and early 20th Century, a member of which you can see on the label – note the all important cap, which apparently was where the gang name originates.

Professional review (WhiskeyReviewer)

On the glass, the whiskey is caramel, with small tears. On the nose, Peaky Blinder Irish whiskey is quite fruity, with pear, green apple, and blackcurrant fragrances that mix with a touch of tangerine. It has also some floral and grassy notes, accompanied by a sweet touch of vanilla and caramel. With some oak notes, there are also some light notes of jasmine and honey. On the palate, Peaky Blinder Irish whiskey is a fresher whiskey than what you expect from its color. It is quite fruity, with soft banana and peach notes and a touch of orange peel. There are some sweet vanilla notes and a subtle touch of honey, accompanied by light hot chocolate notes and a touch of custard. The finish is short and highlights sweet notes of vanilla and caramel. A little spicy touch. When you find a whiskey inspired by a TV show, what one often expects is an average spirit created just to capitalize on the fans’ interest. But, Peaky Blinder Irish Whiskey is actually a nice dram. It has a fine balance on the palate and you can tell there’s work behind the blend. As a pleasant Irish whiskey, it is soft and easy, a good dram for those who love the Irish but also a great whiskey to start your journey. And all at a really nice price-quality ratio.

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