Tynt Meadow

Tynt Meadow is brewed by the monks at Mount Saint Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire. It is the first recognized trappist beer in England. The beer’s heavy black hue makes it impossible to discern what kind of beer it is at first glance, and this is especially true when it is cold. The mystery is quickly though, a rich fruity aroma […]

Chimay Blue

In the fourth and final instalment of our four-part blog series, we present another heavyweight of Belgian beer- the Chimay Blue dark ale, also known as the Grande Réserve. This is an authentic trappist beer, because it is brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery, under the control and responsibility of the community of monks, who are involved through […]

Corsendonk Dark Dubbel

The Corsendonk Dark Dubbel is a dark Belgian ale and has caramelized malt on the nose whilst being mild on the palate with well-balanced bitterness, toasted bread, liquorice and coffee… I had the pleasure to enjoy this beer during a holiday in Belgium and I believe its definitely a perfect candidate to start our new Beer category within this blog. […]