Lord Chambray Si-Wol

Lord Chambray Si-Wol

Today we present Lord Chambray Si-Wol as part of our exclusive back-to-back reviews featuring beers from Lord Chambray and Brussels Beer Project. Si-Wol (which means October in Korean) is a limited-edition specialty Saison with Szechuan pepper and Gozitian Silla honey made in collaboration with Platinum Brewery (South Korea). This is another excellent craft beer and you should grab your bottle or a case from Popp or directly from Lord Chambray, taste it and let us know what you think.

Review from Real Ale Craft Beer
About Lord Chambray Si-Wol (Lord Chambray)

Colour: Blonde
Alcohol by volume: 6%
Beer type: Farmhouse Ale – Saison
Character, taste and aroma: This brew is characterized by a biscuit malt base, a pleasant foundation from which fruity and spicy notes from Belgian yeast emerge. Wheat malt adds a soft, bread-like flavour as well as a pleasing, smooth mouthfeel. Freshly ground Szechuan pepper offers unique earthy, spicy contrast to the floral aromas coming from the local honey. This thirst-quenching beer wraps up nicely with just a touch of effervescent dryness lingering on.


As mentioned above this beer was made by Lord Chambray in collaboration with South Korea’s Platinum microbrewery. Apgujeong PLATINUM Micro Brewery, was opened in 2002 and is the first brewery in South Korea to produce Pale Ale. We would really love to review some of their beers!

In the next session we will look at Brussels Beer Project’s Jungle Joy. In the meantime, see more of our reviews in our Wines, Spirits & Beers section.