Chivas Regal XV

Chivas Regal XV

The Chivas Regal XV is a blend created in 2018 by master blender Sandy Hyslop. This whisky is matured for at least 15 years, resulting in a very smooth finish. Furthermore, a portion of this blend has been stored in cognac casks. This in a exquisite blend for refined whisky lovers combining Chivas Regal’s traditional high quality blends with new notes of sultanas and warm cinnamon.

About this whisky (Chivas Regal)

Region: Scotland

Nose: Rich and sweet with concentrated notes of stewed red apples, homemade orange marmalade, honey, cinnamon and juicy sultanas.

Palate: Incredibly smooth and fruity. Flavours of poached pears intermingled with butterscotch and caramel toffees, all rolled up in a wonderful velvety texture.

Finish: Rounded with a touch of vanilla on the finish.

Chivas Regal XV

Professional review by Emma Briones (WhiskeyReviewer.com)

On the glass, Chivas Regal has a coppery tone, probably due to added color. It has long tears.

On the nose, it is a classic Chivas Regal, light and sweet. Some oak and barley notes blend with a fruity touch. There are some orange marmalade notes, accompanied by peach and sultanas fragrances.

Chivas Regal XV is light on the palate, with some toasted notes. It starts really sweet, with caramel, butter cookies and a touch of grain. It is followed by red apple notes, giving it a fruitier side. The finish is quite short and sweet, with a light spicy touch.

From the latest releases by Chivas Regal, this new Chivas Regal XV is, for me, the most interesting. Using the cognac barrel has an effect and a great influence on the whisky, giving the brand’s profile a new twist.

This is a whisky that will surely be interesting for those Chivas fans out there and for those who are just starting on the whisky world. It will be a great dessert after a nice family meal. It really is a nice whisky, though for me, like with Chivas Regal Mizunara, there is something missing.

About Chivas Regal (Whiskyoftheweek.co.uk)

Chivas Brothers trace its roots back to 1801, to the opening of a grocery store in Aberdeen. The store sold luxury products such as coffee, exotic spices and imported French brandies to an affluent clientele. The store had a cellar, and from here, beneath their emporium, the brothers began a tradition of ageing whiskies.

As times changed, their patrons demanded a smoother, more luxurious whisky experience and they began to blend these aged whiskies together. They created a proprietary blend, which they called Royal Glen Dee and this was followed by a second proprietary blend called Royal Strathythan.

In the early 1900s, Chivas Brothers created another blend to export to the USA, where the booming economy was fueling demand for luxury goods. The whisky was named Chivas Regal. Then prohibition and World War 2 interrupted production, and when things settled, Chivas Regal was re-launched as Chivas Regal 12 yo whisky.

To cope with demand, they also acquired the Strathisla distillery, which produces one of the principal components of the blend. The spiritual home of Chivas Regal is still the Strathisla Distillery in Moray in Speyside. Strathisla distillery is the oldest continuously operating distillery in Scotland. Strathisla distillery was built in 1786 on the banks of the River Isla. The Chivas range also include the Chivas Extra, the very delicious Chivas XV as well as the Chivas 18 yo whisky.

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