Birra Moretti alla Siciliana

The Birra Moretti alla Siciliana is a regional lager brewed with Zagara, the flower found in citrus trees. This ingredient gives this beer a distinctive floral taste, which in our opinion makes it an excellent refresher especially for the summer. We tasted it over a very delicious brisket by EAT and it was truly a match made in heaven. For […]

La Chouffe

Today, we present a world-renowned belgian beer, La Chouffe. The gnomes of Fairyland are particularly fond of La Chouffe. This golden beer, with its slight hoppy taste, combining notes of fresh coriander and fruity tones, is the drink which gives them their zest for life. At least, that’s what these imps say when they are thirsty. Their secret used to […]

Chivas Regal XV

The Chivas Regal XV is a blend created in 2018 by master blender Sandy Hyslop. This whisky is matured for at least 15 years, resulting in a very smooth finish. Furthermore, a portion of this blend has been stored in cognac casks. This in a exquisite blend for refined whisky lovers combining Chivas Regal’s traditional high quality blends with new […]